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Weight watch - Mar 3 - Apr 28
... or "It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change."

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Weigh-in every Sunday morning.

| current entries | Feb 3-24 |
Apr 28 2002 - 142lb.
That's what a week of Froot Loops, Ben & Jerry's and Craisins will do.

Apr 21 2002 - 141lb.
Now I'm starting to think I look good.

Apr 14 2002 - 143lb.
Steady as she goes. I'm squeezing into my size 8 jeans, believe it or not.

Apr 7 2002 - 144lb.
Looks like I gained back my stress weight loss, but this is still good.

Mar 31 2002 - 145lb.
Back on track! I'm psyched! Halfway there. Back home and back on the Nordic Track, back to weighing and recording my food. In CA I "discovered" fat-free poppyseed dressing. It's good!

Mar 24 2002 - ???lb.
No weight today - I'm at Mom's in CA and she doesn't have a scale. I doubt I've lost this week, though; we've been eating pretty well.

Mar 17 2002 - 148lb.
Da fuh! GAINED a pound?!? What's up with that? I'm trying an experiment: for two weeks I'm not counting calories, just trying to gauge what I eat. So far it's not working.

Mar 10 2002 - 147lb.
Approaching the half-way mark. It looks like I'm slowing down. I've been sloppy about food. I need to get more fruits and vegetables for between meals and reign in the evening meal.

Mar 3 2002 - 148lb.
Not bad considering I missed a couple days on the Nordic Track and ate pretty heavy the past couple days. It seems like I just couldn't get full.

| current entries | Feb 3-24 |