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Weight watch
... or "It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change."

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Weigh-in every Sunday morning.

June 30 2002 - 144lb.
Oh screw this. I've reached an equilibrium just above 140lb and I'm going to fluctuate a few pounds. I'm tired of weighing myself every week with no significant change. This is the last entry. I'll keep up the diet and exercise, I just won't be recording it so obsessively.

June 23 2002 - 142lb.
Down a bit. I guess this is good. Getting rather boring, though, not seeing any significant change over time.

June 16 2002 - 143lb.
Oh poopy. E assures me that this is just a temporary plateau and I'll start losing again if I continue to exercise and watch what I eat. Let's hope so.

June 9 2002 - 142lb.
At least I didn't gain. I'm starting to think I've reached equilibrium.

June 2 2002 - 142lb.
Aahhh. Much better. Perhaps now I can continue on the downward slide to 130lb. Still struggling with not overeating in the evenings. It seems once I get started eating, I don't stop.

May 26 2002 - 144lb.
Oh my. At least I'm staying steady. Didn't do the Nordic Track this last week, so what can I expect. My problem time with regard to eating is in the evening. I feel like I've got to be eating something, even if I'm not hungry and nothing really appeals to me. I've got lots of nice tea in cupboard, I can drink that. At least I'm still getting compliments.

May 19 2002 - 144lb.
Wrong paradigm shift. We've had house guests this week, meaning less exercise, more food, less self-control when it comes to desserts. Next week it's back on the literal and figurative treadmill.

May 12 2002 - 142lb.
Three weeks and holding. I have reached an equilibrium, but not the one I want. Clearly, a paradigm needs to shift.

May 5 2002 - 142lb.
Holding steady. Looks like I've reached a plateau.

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