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Tools to enhance your Internet experience
Nutshell Toolbar - search box fits in your browser window, incorporating Google, Amazon, IMDB, and Daypop. This Torrez guy has it going on.

Trillian - for people who have too damn many chat clients, this nifty utility consolidates them all (MSN, AIM, Yahoo, IRC, ICQ) into one slick XML window.

Spybot - detect and destroy covert programs, reporting on your web activities, installed without your permission on your hard drive. Then send these good folks a donation.

In the web world
Kung Fu Kitten
Sir Cringe
Timmie's TV
Structure Hack
Little. Yellow. Different
Jeffrey Zeldman Daily Report
The Shifted Librarian
Inflight Correction

Throw some business my friends' way
Digital Identity
Ann Lai, web designer
Lakeside Bicycles (I designed the logo)
The Fray
Ask Oxford
The Onion
Useless Knowledge

Utter wastes of time
I Know Where Bruce Lee Lives - kung fu re-mixer
Dancing Paul - the original dancing Paul; be sure to check Paul's other sites
Collapse - shockwave game
Diamond Mine - shockwave game
Daily Jigsaw - shockwave game

Communication Arts
37 Signals
Jakob Nielson
Elegant Hack

Web Dev
A List Apart - editorials and practical advice
Web Monkey - lotsa tutorials on all web dev topics
Dynamic Drive - javascript and more
HTML Kit - full featured html editor at a very good price
SmartFTP - you can't buy a better ftp client
House of Style - css and tutorials

I made this
RSV Construction Services Inc. - building contractor in Vancouver WA
Routeware Inc. - automating solid waste hauling operations
Design Showroom - interior design in Vancouver WA
PAWMA Camp 2004 - Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists 2004 Training Camp for Women and Girls
Mo Duk Pai kung fu - official web site of the Mo Duk Pai Association
Where's My Rocket Car 2003 - collaborative on-line 'zine; I designed this year's edition

In the real world
Bananas and yogurt
Frozen peas
No-sugar-added Fudgicles
Good crusty Italian bread dipped in olive oil & balsamic vinegar
Ben & Jerry's From Russia with Buzz
Ciao Bello Limone Sorbetto

Lemon-lime seltzer
Cock-and-Bull Ginger Beer
Ginger Lime Drop
Pure cold water
Mike's Hard Lemonade
Perfume Patrick Suskind
Winter's Tale Mark Helprin
Berlin Noir: March Violets / The Pale Criminal / A German Requiem Phillip Kerr
Philosophical Investigation Phillip Kerr
Let's Put the Future Behind Us Jack Womack
The Man Who Grew Young Daniel Quinn
A Thousand Acres Jane Smiley
Freaks: We Who Are Not As Others Daniel P. Mannix
Geek Love Katherine Dunn
White Man's Grave Richard Dooling
A Dead Man in Deptford Anthony Burgess
American Gods Neil Gaiman
Cold Comfort Farm
Funny Bones
Santa Sangre
Reservoir Dogs
The Grifters
Raging Bull
The Limey
The Usual Suspects
Night on Earth
The Last Wave

Page updated: Nov 26 2004