Snowed in. - Dec 22, 2008

Going nowhere no time soon.

Dyke for a day. - Jul 04, 2008

Here I am with a several thousand of my new best friends. I could only get shots before the parade – afterwards it was too crowded to see the rest of the parade.

Some photos are NSFW so view at your own risk.

Zoe is a sexy beast. - Jun 14, 2008

Big blue eyes, a luxurious tawny coat and of course those adorable white mitts and boots. What’s not to love?

Rufus & Nefertiti (and Zoe, too) in 2007. - Jan 18, 2008

Rufus and Nefertiti came into our lives in September of 2007. They were part of a semi-feral litter that my sister-in-law brought in when her neighbor abandoned a pregnant cat.

Mose and Ally - Jun 02, 2007

Mose and Ally were found as little street kittens, wandering in search of someone to take care of them. The couple who found and fostered them already had a pair cats, so I got them, back in 1989.

Zoe and Little Augie - Teen Cats - May 27, 2007

I hate to project human stereotypes onto animals, but Little Augie acts like a bratty little boy who constantly needs reassurance, while Zoe is a sweet little girl who uses, but doesn’t rely upon, her charm and good looks.

The Grand Canyon in Winter - Dec 10, 2006

An unusual, intimate view of the Grand Canyon, glimpses through the curtains of fog, walking through the snow.

Zoe and Little Augie - The Kids are All Right - Nov 08, 2006

Zoe and Little Augie are growing fast. It’s fun to watch their little kitty personalities develop.

Zoe and Little Augie - Kittens - Nov 08, 2006

Adorable kitten photos of Zoe and Little Augie, our new kits as of August 2006.

San Diego Balboa Park - Jan 15, 2006

Our last day in San Diego was spent exploring the art museum, natural history museum and botanical garden of Balboa Park.

San Diego Zoo - Jan 14, 2006

We spent the entire day walking around the zoo.

San Diego Old Town - Jan 13, 2006

Our weekend in San Diego began with a leisurely walk around Old Town.

Portland's Classical Chinese Garden - Jun 26, 2005

Portland’s Classical Chinese Garden is a whole city block that feels a million miles away.

Rose Festival Parade and Dragon Boats - Jun 11, 2005

Three cheers for the United State’s second largest Grand Floral parade.

Evergreen Aviation Museum, McMinnville OR - Jan 22, 2005

As part of a weekend out of the city, we visited the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville OR.

McMinnville OR - Jan 22, 2005

McMenamin’s Hotel Oregon at McMinnville OR. A quiet weekend getaway.

Seaside OR - Nov 14, 2004

On the beach at Seaside OR with Skaren.

San Francisco - June 23-24, 2004 and Monterey - Jun 25, 2004

On our own in San Francisco and Monterey.

Carol and Tom's Wedding - Jun 24, 2004

My birthmother got married and I signed the wedding license. A few rehearsal photos, too.

Switzers at the Beach - Jun 21, 2004

A lazy day at Aptos beach with my half-sister and her family.

Flaming Meal - Jun 13, 2004

We celebrated my birthday with a flaming meal – everything flaming. Good fire photography takes work, so some imagination is required.

Garden - Jun 07, 2004

Photos from my garden, from different years.

Astoria OR - Apr 25, 2004

We went to the Astoria-Warrenton Seafood & Crab Festival, visited the family farm, plus I took lots of photos of my brother’s dogs and cat.

Paperwhites 2003 - Jan 31, 2003

My Aunt Vi gave us the neatest gift for Christmas: a tub of paperwhites to grow.

Las Vegas - Nov 29, 2002

This is my first trip to Las Vegas. I’m not much of a gambler, but the people watching alone is worth it.