Dyke for a day.

Last updated Fri Jul 04, 2008, 15:53 PM

Here I am with a several thousand of my new best friends. I could only get shots before the parade – afterwards it was too crowded to see the rest of the parade.

Some photos are NSFW so view at your own risk.

Lots of brides, lots of grooms, lots of leather. Belly dancers warmed up the crowd before Dykes on Bikes roared to life to start the 38th Annual Gay Pride Parade.

Medussa and I rode side by side with her friends Mary and Nan, representing the San Francisco Firefighters. I was a hit with the crowd, riding side saddle.

click an image for a closeup

  1. Too cool! I especially like the looks you are getting from some of the “spectators”….

    dalai-mama    Sat Jul 5, 07:49 AM    #