Rufus & Nefertiti (and Zoe, too) in 2007.

Last updated Fri Jan 18, 2008, 20:48 PM

Rufus and Nefertiti came into our lives in September of 2007. They were part of a semi-feral litter that my sister-in-law brought in when her neighbor abandoned a pregnant cat.

They were both pretty skittish at first, especially Rufus, the little tabby with his long white legs, face, chest and underbelly. It took a few weeks before he stopped hissing and hiding every time we entered the room. But he fell in love with Zoe and follows her everywhere.

Nefertiti, our elegant gray girl, is on her way to being the dominant cat of the household. But all the cats get along, happily, cuddling up together or pairing off for mutual grooming sessions.

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