Zoe and Little Augie - Kittens

Last updated Wed Nov 08, 2006, 07:06 AM

Zoe and Little Augie were from a litter of five, found abandoned in a garage, their mother dead. They were the runts of the litter, weighing just over 1/2 lb. each when we got them at seven weeks of age in mid-August 2006.

Little Augie is the handsome boy in the tuxedo, white whiskers shining. He is polydactyl, with an extra thumb on each of his front paws. He’s very interested in people, people food and sinks. He loves playing with toys and anything he can make into a toy. He adores Ally and wants to play with her, even though she swats at him.

Zoe is the sweetest little cat with her white mitts and boots and milk mustache over siamese markings. Although she looks pudgy with her stumpy little legs, she’s lighter than Little Augie. Zoe is very affectionate. She has her preferred hiding places and is less active than her brother.

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