Astoria OR

Last updated Sun Apr 25, 2004, 13:14 PM

We took a weekend trip to Astoria OR, my hometown, the weekend of Apr 24-25 2004. I brought along my camera. Pick a photo, any photo.

Astoria-Warrenton Seafood & Crab Festival

Steamed oysters, crab races, wine tasting. What event is complete without a petting zoo?

The Family Farm

This is the farm where I grew up. The big white house was my grandparents', where my father grew up. We ran Black Angus beef cattle. Now my brother rents out the land to a mixed herd dairy operation.

Farm Pets

My brother's farm pets. The young dog is Izzy, the old dog is Jacky. The cat is the neighbor's cat, but my brother feeds him. The cat is evil. The cat acts friendly, meowing and purring. But if you reach out your hand to pet him, the cat will grab your hand and CHOMP.