My drinking days are over.

Posted Wed Mar 02, 2005, 09:46 AM by Tracy | |

It’s official.

Last night I had a single glass of white wine, with a salad and bread. This morning: headache.

This is just so stupid. I should be able to drink a tiny amount of alcohol without paying this terrible price.

It’s bitters and soda for me.


One drink maximum.

Posted Mon Feb 14, 2005, 11:40 AM by Tracy | |

When will I ever learn?

I am such a lightweight when it comes to alcohol it’s not funny. Not to me, anyway.

Last night E took me to dinner at El Gaucho. Very fancy. Everyone asked if we were celebrating Valentine’s Day, for which neither of us gives two figs. They were out of veal scallopine so I had ostrich with madeira-shiitake sauce instead.

Matt the cartooning bartender (or bartending cartoonist) made me the most delightful martini. It was a traditional gin martini with just a dab of aquavit and an onion. Very subtle.

I would be fine if I had left it at that, but I had a bit of red wine with my meal. Just a splash, really, not a whole glass.

Nonetheless, here I am with a headache. Crap.


On the wagon … again.

Posted Tue Oct 12, 2004, 13:34 PM by Tracy | |

I do not have a problem with alcohol.

Alcohol has a problem with me.

Sometimes alcohol is nice to me. It lets me have a couple three drinks, enjoy them, and still feel perky the next day.

Sometimes alcohol is mean to me. It will let me have a drink or two, then make me sleepy and headachy within a couple hours, wake me with a headache in the night and make me draggy the next day. Bad mean alcohol.

Alcohol is being mean to me lately. I’ll show it. I won’t drink it for awhile. So there.

It may not be alcohol’s fault at all. The past month and more I’ve been feeling on the edge of illness: intermittent sore throat, congestion, general tiredness. Could be stress.

I’ve finally updated the knitting section. Started a new sweater for a new nephew to be born next month or so.


My name is Magpie and I have a drinking problem.

Posted Tue Aug 31, 2004, 14:14 PM by Tracy | |

Clearly drinking and blogging don’t mix. Drinking and commenting on other people’s blogs is even worse. I don’t remember writing that …

My problem is that when I drink, I drink too much. Now for most people too much would be a couple six packs of beer, half-a-fifth of whiskey, six or seven martinis, whatever. For me, too much is two martinis. Or the entire bottle of wine. Like the other night.

I really expected to have the mother of all hangovers Monday. In a feeble attempt to alleviate the anticipated misery, I drank a couple big bottles of water and took several ibuprofen. I woke up early in the morning, wide awake and never got back to sleep. Strangely, I never got my hangover.

That has me worried. Hangovers are God’s little reminders that you shouldn’t f*ck yourself up like that. What does it mean when I don’t get a hangover? Do I have a free pass now?

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Booze is not the Answer. Booze is the Question. The answer is Yes.

Posted Wed May 19, 2004, 09:32 AM by Tracy | |

Not for me, alas. I think I’m reacting to vodka. Last night I made myself a little martini, just a couple short shots of vodka. It barely came up to the midpoint of the martini glass. Within an hour or two, I had a headache that persisted through the night to the morning. Thank heavens for ibuprofen.

You know, I like saying “waffles” and “pancakes” more than I like eating them. Well, maybe not waffles. I definitely like eating waffles. All those crispy ridges.

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