Meryl's Ski Sweater

Yarn: Mirasol Tupa 50% silk, 50% merino wool
Gauge: 5.5st=1”, 7r=1”
Status: Done

This is my sister-in-law’s Christmas present. For 2008.

Meryl’s mother had a blue ski sweater that Meryl inherited. She loved it, but alas, it was lost some where along the way.

All I had to go on was this poor-quality scan of a 28 year-old photo.

I figured out the pattern and added a few touches of my own: I finished the edges in black and used seed beads in place of white stitches at the centers of the stars.

Meryl hasn’t tried it on yet. It looks wide, but I had to fit in all the stars. I did a little shaping at the waist, so hopefully that will help the fit. The sleeves might be a little long yet, but are easily shortened.

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