Balto-Peruvian Flap Hat

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Yarn: Manos del Uruguay
Gauge: 4st=1”, I guess
Status: Done

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Jan 10 2009

The problem I always have with hats is they don’t adequately cover my ears. The flap hat is the solution.

Using leftover Manos from the Christmas scrunchy hat extravaganza, I applied a Baltic-style stitch pattern to a flap hat.

I referred to the notes from when I first knit a flap hat years ago. My notes made no sense. What kind of fraction is 2/9 anyway? I refigured the pattern so it made a bit more sense. The distance between the center points of the earflaps is 3/7 of the hat circumference across the back and 4/7 across the front. That positions the earflaps just about right.

Since I didn’t make a gauge swatch first, or even plan the pattern, it took me three tries of nearly completing the hat before I was happy with both size and stitch pattern.

I’m looking forward to wearing it cross-country skiing, if the weather ever cooperates.

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