Scrunchy hat

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Yarn: Cascade 220
Gauge: Not sure, doesn’t really matter
Status: Done

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Oct 8 2008

This is the scrunchy hat. It looks good on just about everybody. It can be worn like a cloche, or slouched to the side.

I got the pattern from Carol who got it from her sister Donna. Now everybody’s making them.

Super easy to make, the pattern is based on threes. It doesn’t require any particular gauge, you just should know what gauge you get with your yarn on needles.

Cast on as many stitches, a multiple of 6, that you need to go around someone’s head. 22” is good for adults as a general rule.

Knit enough stockinette to get a nice roll, 9-12 rows should do.

Knit 3 rows of k3p3, then 3 rows of purl, 3 rows of p3k3, then 3 rows of knit. The purl rows stick out as a ridge. Just repeat these 12 rows until you have at least 4 ridges, ending with the 3 rows of p3k3 after the purl rows. You can make it longer if you want.

To finish off the hat, k3tog all around, then a couple rows of purl. K2tog around until you’ve got few enough stitches to thread your yarn through and pull it tight.

Weave in all ends, and voila! Scrunchy hat.

Update 11/02/08 Alternately, use any tam top to finish the scrunchy hat. Divide into six sections. For straight line spokes, k2tog k1 (slip 2 knitwise then ktog) at each of six points every other row. For a clockwise spiral pattern (I think it will work this way) k2tog at each of six points every row. For anticlockwise, work (slip 2 knitwise then ktog) instead.

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