Autumn Apple Baby Sweater

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Yarn: LLH Bali
50% cotton-50% acrylic
1+ sk yellow, 1sk olive, <1sk ea blu, apple green, orange, red
Gauge: colorwork 5.5st=1”, plain 6st=1”
Status: done just in time for baby shower

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Jul 5 2008

I timed this to knit the sleeves during our recent trip to San Francisco. I finished the second sleeve right before boarding our flight home. Luckily the yarn is machine washable/dryer-safe, so I could get it washed and dried in time for tomorrow’s baby shower. I sewed on the buttons this very night.

I’ve got another idea for managing the steek and selvedge when working with non-sticky yarn. Where possible, depending on the colors in my round, I tried to work the selvedge stitch (the one destined to be picked up) in the same color as I would be knitting the front edging. The steek stitches were alternating colors of the round. This frequently resulted in floats on either side of the selvedge stitch. Consequently, as I picked up stitches along the cut edge, the body stitches pulled quite a bit, making an unsightly gap.

In the future, I be sure to knit the selvedge stitch and the first steek stitch in the same color as the adjacent body stitch. That will give me three stitches, all the same color in each row. I’ll pick up the middle one, which will be anchored by a stitch on either side.

Jun 14 2008

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This is lovely yarn to knit, with a very soft hand. The only problem is I knit in the round and cut the armholes and front. Cotton is not a particularly good choice for this method. Wool is much better; it sticks to itself and is disinclined to unravel.

I bound the cut edges with folded bias tape and tacked them down. Since I killed my sewing machine, I had to sew this by hand. That should secure the edges so they don’t pull out. I was also very generous with my steeks: 11st.

This does give me ideas for how to handle the cut edges of non-sticky yarns for future projects. I’m thinking grosgrain ribbon sewed onto both sides of the steek prior to cutting. Then I could trim up the middle without worrying about pulling out the steek stitches. Also the folded bias tape added a bit of bulk. One layer of grosgrain would be less bulky.

Jun 8 2008

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This is working up pretty quickly, mainly because I’m just knitting away without making corrections. Typically I can even out my plain and color work gauges by going up one needle size for the color work. But this time my plain knitting is tighter than I originally swatched. Probably because I was knitting pretty fast. Part of this was knit while walking down a trail at Multnomah Falls.

I’m not worried about the difference of gauge. For something this small, it’s not going to make much a difference. Plus I can do a little blocking to ensure the shape is even.

The pattern is pretty random, but everyone seems to like it.

May 31 2008

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I’m starting a new project, as much for a break from the interminable Craftsman jacket as for the intended recipient, a little bun in the oven of my cousin’s daughter-in-law. I just got a baby shower invitation for early July, so I’ve got to get cracking. I thought you were only supposed to have baby showers for the first baby. This is what has to say:

Q. Is it proper to give a baby shower for a second baby? Some say that baby showers should only be given for the first born.

A. It is all right to have a baby shower for a second or third baby, as long as the guest list is comprised of guests who did not attend a shower for the first (and/or second) baby, with the exception of close friends and family members who would be upset not to be there.

I was looking for a sport or fingering weight washable wool. The lady at the yarn store suggested this stuff. According to her it holds up very well to washing and it had the colors I was looking for. I had specifically said sport weight, but the ball band indicates 5st=1in, which is worsted weight. Plus I got the stupid question of what size needles I was knitting on. I hate it when they ask that question because it is meaningless. I will knit with whatever size needle gets me the right gauge.

My inspiration is the Wild Apple sweater designed by Kerstin Olsson of Bohus Stickning, a Swedish knitting cooperative. I’m not going to do anything so complex.

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