Craftsman jacket

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Yarn: Rowan Grainy Silk
Kaffa Sevilla 100% nylon
Gauge: 6st=1in, 9r=1in
Status: Completed

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Sep 14 2008

Finally I am done! I was just so tired of working on this beast for so long, over a year, I sat myself down yesterday and had a good marathon session that got me to within a couple rows of completing the front edge. Finished it off this morning.

It hangs rather nicely. The extensions of the front band, hanging below the body of the sweater, are a design element. I’m glad I decided to make the front edge the full width instead of making it narrow.

I was originally planning on a couple buttons to close it, but I don’t think it needs it.

Now on to the next project.

Jul 24 2008

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Ugh! This is taking FOREVER. I finally got the bottom edge finished off. In the photo it looks shorter than either of the sleeve edges. I tried to match it to the shorter of the two sleeve edges. It actually measures the same, it just doesn’t look it. Optical illusion.

All that remains is the front edge. The long edge all the way up one side, around the back of the neck and down the other side. In my original concept all the edges were going to be the same width. Now, perhaps not so much. Plus I’ll need to get two more 40” size 4 needles.

Apr 20 2008

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This is dreadfully slow going. I’ve got the cuffs for the sleeves done in a shiny nylon ribbon that unfortunately is prone to snagging. I’ve got half a mind to chuck it and finish the sweater in fabric. But to do that I’ve got to have a working sewing machine and I don’t want to get a sewing machine until we buy a new house (our big plan for this year.)

You might notice that one of the cuffs is a slight shorter than the other? I kept measuring it until it matched, which is inaccurate when it’s on the needles. I didn’t do the smart thing which was simply to count the rows. It’s close enough that I’ll leave it and only change it if it bothers me.

Feb 2 2008

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Cat shown for scale.

I can’t wait to be done with this!

This is the whole body, cut up the middle. See how the v-neck opened up? Can’t see? That’s because it’s black on black. It’s impossible to see the nice vertical panels of Beach Leaf pattern.

I selected a shiny black nylon ribbon to finish off the edges. I think the sleeves are a little too long and I’ll have to tear out a few rows. They should be 3/4 sleeves.

Nov 23 2007

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Well I am taking my own sweet time with this. That’s what I get for knitting at a fine gauge. At least I’ve finally achieved sleeves. Thank heavens they’re only 3/4 sleeves.

I just haven’t been spending much time with knitting these days. I am anxious to get this done so I can get onto another project.

Rowan Grainy Silk is discontinued and I have a limited amount. It’s just a matter of time before I run out and that’s how long the jacket will be. I’ll have to get something else for the collar, cuffs, and hem. I’m thinking something black and shiny to contrast with the matte finish and nubby texture of of the Rowan Grainy Silk.

Jun 17 2007

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Totally changed my mind about the gauge. I decided it would be better to knit this at its preferred gauge of 6st=1in. Naturally that meant ripping out everything I had done and restarting.

I’m not knitting so much these days. About the only time I knit is in the evening when I’m watching TV and only then after I’ve kicked off a sudoku puzzle. Love those.

If you can look closely, you’ll see that the center panel is flaring out. I’m increasing for a v-neck. Alway looks weird until I cut it.

Oh, and the Henry’s Attic Soie Naturelle Petite did come in, but I’m deep into this project now, so that one will have to wait.

Apr 25 2007

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It’s taken me long enough, but I finally decided what to do with my collection of Rowan Grainy Silk, a lovely yarn, now discontinued as I understand. I’m also tired of holding off starting another big project before my Henry’s Attic Soie Naturelle Petite comes in. I may just have to call the yarn store again to see whether they’ve even placed the order.

Anyhoo, from humble beginnings a sweater grows. I’ve started with the shoulder straps. This will be a top down jacket, kind of boxy, maybe 3/4 sleeves. This Beach Leaf lace pattern will be the only embellishment down the sleeves and the fronts. I don’t know how long it will be – maybe I’ll stop knitting when the yarn runs out.

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