A Scarf for No Reason

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Yarn: Missoni Capri and Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride
Gauge: who cares as long as it feels right
Status: done except for adding buttons

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Mar 20 2007

Rip and knit, rip and knit, the usual. I started over because I decided the scarf was too wide. If I made it narrower, it would be longer.

Carol thought it should be a proper collar, just long enough to wrap around the neck. I wanted to use up all my yarn, plus I had visions of tassels at the ends. See picture.

I worked a buttonhole in the third to last central domino. I still have to get buttons. The idea is you could button it closed so it will stay wrapped, nice and warm around your neck. If you are the lucky victim recipient.

Damn that is eye-piercing pink.

Mar 03 2007

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I actually do have a reason for knitting this scarf thingy. I don’t want to start on anything substantial while I’m waiting for yarn. So I dug around a bit in my stash to come up with a couple yarns of approximately equal gauge and quantity.

It’s not really going to be a scarf. Something more like a collar. I will put a button hole in one end so you can button it around your neck. Some unlucky victim fortunate recipient will get stuck with receive it at some point.

Why dominoes? I don’t know, it seemed like a good way to use two yarns that don’t really match.

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