The long wait for yarn.

After much searching and swatching, I have finally settled on the yarn combination to use for recreating the sweater the dry cleaners ruined.

I’ve already got a whackload of Jaeger Trinity, a silk-cotton-nylon DK-weight blend, in cream. I experimented combining it with a few different silk threads to get the right weight and color. The last thing I tried was an exquisite silk thread from Japan (the name escapes me.) The weight was perfect, but the color was just a wee darker than I wanted.

I know that Henry’s Attic has a wide offering of undyed yarns of various fibers. One of our locals, Abundant Yarn & Dyeworks, had just the thing I wanted: Soie Naturelle Petite. At $23/lb and 2700 yards per pound, it’s a steal. A cone will be more than enough, I’m sure.

Unfortunately, I have to wait a couple weeks before they even place the order, then a week or two more before it arrives. I can’t wait!

Page updated Wed Jan 31, 2007, 13:01 PM