Stalking the elusive yarn.

After kung fu class today I went in search of yarn to reknit my magnificient aran cardigan that the drycleaners ruined. I have visited nearly ever yarn store in the metropolitan area in vain.

A couple weeks back I ordered some yarn online: Jaeger Trinity, a blend of 40% silk, 35% cotton and 25% polyamid, whatever that is. Nylon, I think. It’s a lovely yarn, but a bit thinner than I want. It was worth a try, I can always use it for something else.

I ended up at Knit Purl, a downtown yarn store in Portland OR. I didn’t end up buying any yarn, but I got some good ideas. The very knowledgeable saleswoman showed me several samples of yarn with suggestions of how I could mix different fibers to get the weight, color and texture desired. She also recommended a dry cleaners as miracle workers who could possibly restore my sweater to its previous glory, thus saving me tons o’ bucks and time and effort.

When I got home, I remembered that I had stashed a huge cone of natural silk. Why not mix that with the Trinity, see if that gets me the weight I want? I might be able to use that yarn after all.

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