Waiting for yarn.

Months ago the dry cleaners ruined one of my favorite sweaters, a drapey Aran cardigan knit in a silk-cotton-linen-rayon blend that I picked up at a sale years previous.

I spent a couple days wandering through our many LYSes looking for something comparable with which to reknit, but found nothing to my liking. So I turned to the internet.

I was just guessing at the correct yarn weight until I got the brilliant idea to unravel a bit of the sweater to get wraps per inch. Turns out it is a worsted weight 5st=1in instead of heavy worsted 4st=1in like I had thought. No wonder it draped so nicely, since I had knit it at a looser gauge.

The other piece of the puzzle was yardage. Not a clue. The completed sweater weighs 1-3/4lbs, but that doesn’t help me much since different yarns have different densities.

I settled on a DK weight silk-cotton-linen blend. At least I think that’s what it is. I don’t even remember now that I’ve ordered it. I decided the sweater could stand to be a little lighter, so a lighter weight yarn would be just fine. If this doesn’t work out, I’ll save it for another future project and order something else instead.

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