Purple-Teal Shawl-Scarf

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Yarn: Blue Heron Metallic
Gauge: about 4 or 4.5st=1” (over stockinette)
Status: done and delivered
Final dimensions: 18in x 7ft
Yardage: 1100yd

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Dec 27 2006

There wasn’t time for an in-between picture, so here’s the final. It has wonderful drape and just enough sparkle. I decided to leave the fringes plain instead of doing fancy knotting. A good decision considering I was finishing this stole Christmas eve.

I made this stole for my niece Rachel, whose name I drew for Christmas. She loves it and is looking forward to wearing it in New Zealand.

Dec 6 2006

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Every year I promise I won’t and every year I do. I end up taking on a project as a gift that must be delivered on time. But with yarn this fabulous, who can resist. The photo doesn’t show it, but there is gold metallic thread intertwined with lucious purples and violets.

I’m making a shawl-scarf for my niece for Christmas. It’s a little wide for a scarf, a little narrow for a shawl. I’m using a Eugen Beugler lace stole pattern. I don’t remember what it’s called. It’s supposed to have three panels of lace, but I’ve only ever knit it with two because I’ve never managed to buy enough yarn – or enough time.

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