Stay-on baby booties

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Yarn: Dalegarn Baby Ull
Gauge: 6st or 7st=1” (I’m not particular)
Status: I’m always making these.

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When I don’t know what to knit I make Stay-on Baby Booties. People are always having babies and it’s nice to have something at the ready to give them. I’ve been making them for years so I’ve got the directions memorized. I’ve seen the directions published by many knitting writers, but no one ever gives credit to the original author. This irritates me to no end.

The originator of these unique booties is Christine Bourquin of Redwood City, California. At the time of first publication, she was 95.

The first publication of Stay-on Booties was in the Tips section of Threads magazine, back when it was a general textile arts magazine. I clipped it out but foolishly didn’t write down the date of publication. My best guess is early ‘90s.

You can find the pattern many places on the ‘net. There’s also a pattern called Bev’s stay-on booties which is very different, not the same at all.

I like to knit them in at least two colors. The top provides me with a 10st x 16row palette. I will add or subtract a stitch to get the right number for an insignia or small pattern repeat. I’ve knitted these in country colors, college colors and I’ve even knitted simplified representations of kung fu school seals.

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  1. Hi Tracy,

    According to, it was in the April ‘89 issue.

    Very cute, I’ll have to try them some time.

    Carol O    Mon May 15, 06:40 PM    #