Crazy Hat

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Yarn: Leftovers, generally in the heavy worsted range
Gauge: doesn’t really matter
Status: Completed

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Mar 5 2006

Too fun for words. I’ve made a few of these. They are a fun way to use up leftovers, as long as they are of approximately the same gauge. I used odd balls mostly from the Crazy Stripe afghan.

It’s super easy. Just pick up yarn and needles and cast on about the right number of stitche for a hat. It helps if you know the gauge you’ll get with your selected yarn and needles. For Brownsheep Lamb’s Pride I’ll use a US5 (3.75mm) or US6 (4.0mm) and cast on maybe around 80-85-90 st. That’s a little big for me, but this hat was made for normal people with normal sized heads. I have a little pinhead.

Just knit, work in patterns, switch yarn frequently, make bobbles and loops. For the top increase crazily, like k2 m1, a couple times with a few rows in between. To make the three corners, graft 1/3 of the top together three times. Then make and attach tassels.

I made this particular hat for a friend to raffle to raise money for his steel-tipped darts organization.

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