What should I knit next?

I have just finished a couple major projects (Crazy Stripe Afghan ; Baby Youngren Luskofte Inversion) and I just don’t know what to knit next. This is what I’ve got in my stash:

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I’ve got 10 sk at 107yd(98m)/sk of each color. That’s plenty for a sweater. The colors are pretty dark; there’s not a lot of contrast. If I were to use the two colors together, it would have to be in large blocks. I could get some Jo Sharp in a light color. That could be nice.


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Noro Sarubia is 60% silk, 40% kid mohair, so it’s very soft. I’ve got 9 sk which sounds like a lot, except each skein is only about 87yd(80m). I’m not even sure what gauge it knits up at. The label is remarkably reticent. The colors are darker than this photo suggests. I could get something plain to go with it.


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52% silk, 48% wool, 218yd(200m)/sk and I’ve got 8 sk of the stuff. Woo hoo! But what to make, what to make? It knits up at 6st=1” which isn’t too bad.

In the meantime, I’m making a pair of charcoal grey socks, toe up with a properly turned heel, no less. I’m using the mistake stitch rib for decoration. It’s a bit of a pain to knit, certainly not as fast as an ordinary k2p2 rib, but I like both the look and feel of it.

Or … I could take my Christmas gift certificate and buy more yarn!

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