Crazy Stripe Afghan

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Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted, mostly
Gauge: 4st = 1”
Status: Completed

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Feb 12 2006

Done at last. Martha is thrilled with the final result. It’s going to be an extravagant splash of color in her living room.

I initially just sewed the strips together, but the resulting seams were too stiff. Instead I crocheted the strips together using the dark charcoal, giving the afghan a stained glass effect that I think works quite well. The diamonds formed by the abutment of two triangles is emphasized rather than diminished as I had originally feared.

Final yarn count, for each colorway (times 2 to get the amount of yarn for the entire afghan):

Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted:
2 sk dark neutral (plus 1 sk dark neutral in one color to join strips)
2 sk light neutral
2-3 sk solid colors

Novelty yarns:
3 balls chenille
1 ball multi-color boucle
1 sk fuzzy yarn
1 sk Brown Sheep multicolor hand painted
1 ball of some hideously gaudy yarn with metal threads

I think that’s it.

Dec 27 2005

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True to my word, I did not even attempt to finish this afghan for Christmas. I am two-thirds done, with only two blue strips remaining. Plus joining the strips together.

I changed my mind a couple times about some of the colors. I exchanged a flat black for a dark charcoal. That required mail ordering yarn on rush to get it in time. Then I thought one of my blues was rather more violet and I preferred blue. Now I’m not so sure, as the violet (“Sapphire” Brown Sheep calls it) was rather more intense while the blue for which I exchanged it is more subdued. Too late, I’m not making any more changes.

I hurriedly sewed three strips together to at least have something to present to the recipient on Christmas day. But thanks to a family tiff, she didn’t get to see it. Ha!

Dec 4 2005

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I’m not going to do it. I am not going to attempt to complete this afghan by Christmas. I’m not even shooting for New Year’s. That’s just tough.

I figure that I could, if I devoted all my spare time to knitting, I could complete this afghan by Christmas. Problem is, I’ve got other stuff to do. Christmas cards, wrapping and mailing presents, and a little thing called a full-time job. It’s insane. So I’m not going to do it.

I had to buy a few more skeins of yarn to finish off the stripes. But since it’s all mixed up colors, it really doesn’t matter.

Nov 16 2005

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This is a single, the first, completed strip. Needless to say, the colors are way off. Never mind, it’s fabulous.

This first strip went relatively fast. I only need to make six of them. It’s giving me the crazy idea that I might be able to finish by Christmas. Realistically I doubt it. But maybe, just maybe, if I work really hard at it and knit really fast …

Nov 4 2005

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Martha finally decided she would like an afghan for Christmas. Suffice it to say there is no way I am going to complete an afghan by Christmas. But I can at least get a good start.

The idea here is alternating red and blue colorway strips, each strip composed of striped triangles.

I’m mostly using Brown Sheep, which I like for its great color range and economical price. But I’m also throwing in some expensive fancy yarns: jewel tone chenilles, bright fuzzy yarns, multicolor metallics. The stripes within the triangles will vary in width to keep the design from being static. Also there is no such thing as a mistake.

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