Baby Youngren Luskofte Inversion

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Yarn: Dalegarn Falk
2-1/2 sk red, 1+ sk white
Gauge: 6st = 1”, 7 rows = 1” over stockinette stitch
Status: Finished, wrapped, presented, oohed-and-ahhed over

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Feb 5 2006

Adorable, no? I had to rush a bit to get this done in time for the baby shower this last Saturday. The mother-to-be (due in one month) and all the guests were suitably impressed.

My job is done here.

Jan 16 2006

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I haven’t been working on this much, since I’ve been working on finishing up a late Christmas present.

But I took advantage of a trip out of town to bring along this compact little project. And look what progress I’ve made. Now you can see the inversion.

I crocheted within the steek to help secure the stitches. I wish I had made the steek 9 st instead of 7. Already I had a bit of a problem with some stitiches pulling out.

Nov 4 2005

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A very good start. I’ve decided to not sweat the color in the photos. Nothing I can do about your monitor’s settings anyway.

I decided to use a simple picot edge on the hem. It’s not exactly traditional, but not much about this sweater will be. But it is pretty for baby wear.

Oct 26 2005

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What the Falk? Dalegarn makes a machine washable sport-weight yarn that doesn’t feel like plastic. Perfect for baby things, in all the great Dalegarn colors.

I am not a fan of pastels or gender-identified colors for babies. So prospective parents just have to put up with no “pink for girls, blue for boys” from me. It’s strong blues and reds and greens and purples and blacks and yellows.

My cousin’s son and daughter-in-law are expecting their first in April. Since of the baby’s heritage is Norwegian in part, I’m looking north for inspiration. This sweater will be in the style of a Setesdal luskofte (lice coat), which most people recognize as an archetypal Norwegian sweater with little flecks of white (the “lice”) and stars across the yoke.

My plan is white on red (and what a lovely tomato red it is) for the body, then reverse that for the stars on the yoke, hence the inversion.

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