TKGA argyle socks

Yarn: Rowan True 4ply Botany (blue)
Jaeger Matchmaker (brown)
“I don’t remember and lost the ball band” (marling)
Gauge: 9st = 1”,
11 rows = 1”
Status: Complete

Originally this sock was made for The Knitting Guild of America Handknitter Master Program Level II. It had been so long since I made argyles that I forgot to use larger needles for the calf.

The foot fits fine, but the calf is a little tight. So, before embarking on its mate, I am revising it. I have torn out the top two diamonds and am reknitting them on larger needles. The challenge will come when I have to weave together the reknitted diamonds and rest of the sock. Wish me luck.

Call me crazy. It’s bad enough that I’m willing to make argyle socks at all, but what I’m doing to this one is going beyond the Pale.

Take a good close look. You can’t see the either the vertical seam nor the horizontal join where I united the original and the revised portions. Compare the calf of the final revised sock and the original. Looks more comfy, doesn’t it. I am the mistress of my knitting.

For my next trick I will knit an arygyle without seams.

Sock #2 is nearly finished. All that remains is to knit the foot.

Sock #2 is different from sock #1 in that I did not make it in the traditional knitting back-and forth-manner. It is seamless, but was not knit circularly, a near impossiblity with argyles. The sock is made by knitting back and forth and joining the two “ends” of the row by wrapping and turning, along the diagonal line of the argyle. The join is nearly indistinguishable from any other diagonal line between two colored diamonds.

Ta da! Socks are finished. I’m so happy. Argyles are fun for the first 1/2 diamond, then they turn into a pain in the butt. Working the seamless version over two 16” circulars certainly makes it easier.

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