Celadon bandolier vest

Yarn: Nature Spun worsted weight, Arctic Moss
Gauge: 5st = 1”,
7.5 rows = 1”
Status: completed

I’m knitting this vest for TKGA Hand-knitter Master Program, Level II. It is a fitted, long line v-necked vest in plain stockinette. The significant design feature will be a bandolier style neck rib that crosses the body and attaches at the side. Unlike most work I do, this will be knit back and forth. I’m having some difficulty maintaining even tension on the knit and purl sides, not an uncommon problem.

The pieces fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, with a little bit of fudging to get them to fit exactly right. The design is reliant upon the two fronts being knit with exactly the same number of rows. When I first sewed it together, the bottom flared out some. I reknit a bit of the front, eliminating the last set of decreases. I’m hoping the deep lower edge rib will keep it together.

Finally it is finished, the last element of my submission for The Knitting Guild of America Handknitter Master Program Level II. I still need to write up the pattern and package everything up to mail off. Wish me luck.

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