Molteni jersey

Yarn: Nature Spun sportweight: Latte, Blue Knight, White
Gauge: 6st = 1”,
9 rows = 1”
Status: complete

This sweater is a Christmas 2001 present for my brother-in-law. He wanted a sweater based on a bicycle racing jersey, formerly belonging to Eddie Merck of the Molteni racing team. The original jersey is shortsleeved. Note the fancy stripes on the newly added cuff. These stripes denote bicycle championship status.

The sweater is knit in the round and the armholes and neck opening steeked and cut. The white letters are knit back and forth: alternate rows I knit the blue stitches and slip the white stitches, then knit the white stitches back, slipping the blue stitches. I put the zipper in by hand and am not too thrilled with the result, but some little imperfection is necessary to retain humility.

I’ve been working on this since November 2001, even taking it to New York with me. The body to the underarms has been ripped out and reknitted once and the first completed sleeve has been ripped out.

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