Alden's heathered gansey

Yarn: Cleckheaton 8-ply
Gauge: 5.5st = 1”,
7.5 rows = 1” over stockinette stitch
Status: done

Dec 04 2002

I finished this up while on vacation, sitting at a casino bar. The chevrons show up pretty nicely in this picture, to my great relief. The shoulder is closed with two little blue buttons. I’ll make a little watch cap to go with, making a nice little fisherman ensemble.

Nov 19 2002

I should have this done this week. Sleeves will go fast, I know. Here’s the back. Where the front bib had a fat little seed stitch heart on stockinette, the back has reliable old moss stitch.

Shoulder straps are in k1p1 rib. One shoulder is open, fastened with buttons, to make it easier to get over baby’s head.

Nov 10 2002

This darling little gansey is knitting up FAST. That’s what I like about baby stuff – it knits up fast. Thanks to my DH (darling husband), you can see the detail: he suggested laying it flat, with natural lighting and photographing at an angle to capture the peaks and valleys of knits and purls.

A fat little seed stitch heart embellishes the bib.

Nov 8 2002

Oh crap. Once again I’ve chosen a color that doesn’t photograph well. I’ll just describe what I’ve got here (from the bottom up):
1” of k1p1 ribbing, 4-1/2” of plain stockinette knitting, three rows of purl stitch making a heavy ridge, 2” of single purl chevron pointing left, another heavy ridge of purl stitch.
Alden’s heathered gansey

Nov 4 2002

I decided I’ve got enough time to knit up a baby sweater for Christmas. It’s just the easiest thing for me to give and people seem to like it. As long as they are babies, kids don’t seem to be too upset about getting sweaters for Christmas. I can only get away with this for a couple years before I have to come up with decent presents.

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