Black and tan Russian front baby pullover

Yarn: Cleckheaton 8-ply
Gauge: 6st = 1”,
6.5 rows = 1” over stockinette stitch
Status: completed

Aug 14 2003

Happily done at last. I got three nice little shiny buttons for the front / neck, that really finishes it off nicely. Note the sleeve pattern. I wanted a smaller version that echoed the center front pattern, but couldn’t find anything in my books. So I graphed my own. Voila!

To match this sweater, I’ve embarked upon the Black & tan baby puff hat.

Aug 11 2003

I’ve decided to call this a Russian front baby pullover, because of the way the front overlaps. That little dark area just left of center is a bit of facing. I made one buttonhole at the neck. I’ll have to crochet a couple loops for button on the front.

I took a surprisingly long time to get the first sleeve done. Just not spending that much time knitting these days, I suppose. Plus I tore it out a time or two. My motto: it’s not knitting if I don’t rip it out three times.

Jul 14 2003

The larger portion of the front is done. Since I don’t know whether the baby will be a boy or a girl, I’ve set it up to suit a boy. Some people get real shirty about having the buttons go “the right way” for boys. As if a baby will turn fruity if his little shirt buttons right-over-left instead of left-over-right. Whatever.

Jul 11 2003

I can hardly believe how quickly this is progressing. I worked in the round up to the underarms, then divided for front and back. Normally I would have steeked and cut later, but I decided to do a Russian style overlap for the front. Plus, I have the added challenge of knitting back-and-forth in two color. Ever try knitting a color pattern from the back? It’s a b***h. Leave it to the Peruvians. Instead, I am knitting BACKWARDS, keeping the right side in front of me at all times. It’s a bit slower and the gauge is a wee bit tighter, but it works.

Jul 04 2003

Baby isn’t due until November, but it’s never too early to start knitting. I just love this yarn. Machine washable, not too fine, great colors. And economical. I’m thinking of a Scandinavian style stitch patterns around the body. And maybe a big floppy hat that’s so cute on babies.

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