Black & tan baby puff hat

Yarn: Cleckheaton 8-ply
Gauge: 6st = 1”,
6.5 rows = 1” over stockinette stitch
Status: Completed

Aug 26 2003

Okay, there are still the ends to weave in, but for practical purposes, it’s complete. I re-knit the brim so that it wasn’t so tight. I re-worked the crown to give it a puffy shape, like a fat little mushroom rather than as a tam. After 4” of body, I decreased 2st at 6 points, every third row, three times, then every other row another three times. After that, I decreased every row. The decreases had to be artistically placed and the stitch pattern adjusted on the fly.

Aug 19 2003

The pattern shows clearly as I have the body of the hat done. I got a good bit of knitting done at the coast. Now I have the challenge of decreasing the crown while maintaining some semblence of a pattern.

I’m also considering whether the headband may be too large. It looks pretty big. I may have to redo it.

Aug 14 2003

Not much to see, but everything begins small. My plan is to use the same patterns as in the Black & tan Russian front baby pullover, to make a big floppy puffy hat. I just love that you can put nearly anything on a baby and it looks cute.

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