Alden's first Aran

Yarn: Cleckheaton 8-ply
Gauge: 5.5st = 1”, 8 rows = 1” over stockinette stitch
Status: complete

Jan 21 2004

Photo update: Ta da! The only thing cuter than the sweater is the wearer. This is little Alden in his perfectly fitting Aran sweater.

Dec 22 2003

You just have to trust me on this, it’s done. I knit an entire sleeve in a single day, Thur Dec 18. I had to have it done to mail Fri Dec 19 in order for it to arrive in time for Christmas. Unfortunately, my digital camera gave up the ghost before the sweater was finished.

When I get photos of the intended recipient in his new Aran sweater, I will post them.

Dec 07 2003

Great fast progress, I’m happy to say. I have every confidence this will be finished in plenty of time for Christmas. I always enjoy knitting Arans. I just hope you can discern the patterns.

Nov 26 2003

Every little thing has to begin somewhere. This is the ribbing: ribs alternating with small cables. Once again I chose Cleckheaton, a washable wool. I stuck with the traditional natural color. This yarn has little dark flecks, which give it some visual interest. Oddly, this particular yarn has a more pronounced tendency to split than I’ve seen with other Cleckheaton yarns. It will keep me on my toes.

This is intended as a Christmas gift, so I have my work cut out for me in the month ahead.

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