Lorelei's Domino Coat

Yarn: Brownsheep Cotton Fleece
Gauge: 5st = 1”, 7.5 rows = 1” over stockinette stitch
Status: body complete

Dec 07 2003

It looks like this is done in time for Christmas after all. I still have buttons to purchase and attach, but I’m declaring it done.

Only one problem – it fits a small 5-year old boy. Lorelei is only two. I suppose that means she’ll have it for years to come. Maybe her parents can roll up the sleeves.
Lorelei’s Domino Coat

Nov 26 2003

Talk about a crazy coat of many colors. The ladies at the yarn store loved it, though, when I went in to buy coordinating yarn for the sleeves. Wouldn’t you know it, I make a sweater to use up the leftover yarn and end up buying more. I picked a hot fuschia. It doesn’t match any of the other colors, but I like it.

I need to hustle. Christmas is coming soon.

Nov 06 2003

Changed my mind – again. I took out that little bit of yellow-and-white garter stitch and extended the ripple stitch. I’ve figured out how to do the yoke. It will sort of be a raglan style, composed of dominos.

If I had planned this out, I would have known to begin with an even number of dominos: equal number front and back. For the front (not shown) I knit my dominos right into the valleys of the ripple stitch. On the back I had to independently knit an initial row of diamonds, then sew the back stitches to them from behind.

All the loose threads put me in mind to tip the dominos with fringe. I’ll never get this coat done.

Oct 20 2003

I’ve pretty much used up my off-white yarn on the skirt of the coat. The ripple stitch that formed the basic pattern consumes yarn: constantly increasing stitches, only to decrease them right away.

Now I have to figure out what to do for the bodice. I like the colorful diamond shapes that form the hem of the coat. Perhaps raglan shaping would accommodate the angles of the diamonds. I can see I’m going to rely on good blocking to give this little coat some shape.

Oct 11 2003

It took some doing, but I finally have come up with a vague plan. We’ll have to see if the yarn holds out.

This has evolved from a sweater to a coat. After a couple “rows: of colorful dominos, I switched to off-white. I’m alternating stockinette, reverse stockinette and seed stitch, maintaining the peaks and valleys established by the dominos. My decrease stitches and increase center stitch are kept in stockinette, creating a strong vertical line.

Sep 16 2003

I struggled with my colors and swatches for several weeks before settling on domino knitting, a style of knitting by creating garter stitch diamonds and stacking them on top of each other, popularized by Horst Schultz.

This is the very beginning of a coat for Lorelei. I figure this is the last year I can knit things for her. After this she’ll be old enough to demand real toys. In the meantime, I will make for her a little coat that is edged in bright colors. My plan is to make an a-line coat. But I am making it up as I go along, so we’ll see.

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