Summmer stripes for Alden

Yarn: Knit One Crochet Too 2nd Time Cotton
Gauge: 4.25st = 1”,
4.25 rows = 1” over stockinette stitch
Status: Completed

click top image for closeup

Jul 20 2004

The second sleeve took a little longer. We’re going to ignore the fact that the sleeves are slightly different sizes. I don’t know how that happens. I’m sure I started with the same number of stitches and executed the same number of decreases. It’s nothing that a little blocking won’t cure.

Jul 08 2004

I said sleeves go fast. Here it is, whipped out in no time. I am wavering as to whether this sweater will fit a two-year old. It might be a bit over-sized, which is no problem for babies. Plus, it’s meant as outerwear, for cool summer evenings. Do they have those in the Midwest?

Jul 05 2004

Now I feel like I’m getting somewhere. I got the body done during a trip to San Francisco Bay Area. Did a lot of knitting at the Giants-Dodger game at SBC Park. I sat next to a fellow who was delighted to see that someone besides his own wife knits at baseball games.

Alden’s birthday is only a month away, but sleeves on baby/toddler things are shorter than one imagines, so this should proceed pretty quickly. Since the father is a mathematician, I wanted to do something mathematically interesting with the stripes. At first I tried for a Fibonacci sequence (1-1-2-3-5-8 …), but that didn’t work out for me. So I settled on a combination of prime numbers.

The neck looks a little funky because I haven’t finshed it off with ribbing. As with all my toddler sweaters, one shoulder is open, to be closed with buttons. That’s the bit that is sticking up.

Jun 02 2004

Someone is going to be two years old this August, so I figured I better get to knitting a simple pullover, suitable for summer evenings. This is interesting yarn. It 75% cotton 25% acrylic, made from textile industry waste. It’s also the first time in my long knitting career that I actually ended up using the suggested needle size to get the gauge. Usually I have to go smaller, as my knitting style is typically looser.

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