Glitz and Glam for Lorelei

Yarn: Berroco Softwist and Berroco Softy
Gauge: 4.5st = 1”
Status: completed

Click it to see it close up.

Oct 11 2004

Nearly three years old, Lorelei will proudly inform you she is not a little girl, she is a big girl. No more baby stuff for a big girl.

Here’s a sophisticated evening sweater for a big girl – shiny and fluffy, mauve and white. I adapted a pattern from an old Threads article. The mauve yarn (Softwist) is viscose and wool and the white (Softy) is all nylon, believe it or not. This sweater is incredibly soft. The gentle undulations of the body are produced by alternating rows of mauve and white in a classic Old Shale pattern.

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