"Miami Ice" Icelandic Pullover

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Yarn: Reynolds Lopi
Main color – 6sk
Color A – 3 sk
Colors B, C – 2sk ea
Gauge: 3-1/2st = 1”
5 rows = 1” over stockinette stitch
Status: All the way done.

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May 12 2005

A month’s knitting for a Christmas present. Not bad.

True to form I ripped and reknitted the yoke three times. I wasn’t quite satisfied with the fit and am still not, but I trust to the magical powers of blocking to smooth out imperfections.

At first the yoke felt to me that it pulled across the arms. Plus I didn’t really like how the color pattern looked. I gave up on trying to follow any pattern and just winged it, decreasing crazily as I got near the top in a desperate effort to keep the neck from being huge. Fortunately the yarn and the Icelandic yoke style are both fairly forgiving.

I think I’ve got too much fabric in the yoke now. It kind of ripples across the upper chest when I try it on. My DH thinks it gives the sweater textural interest. I still need to wash the sweater which should smooth out everything.

May 12 2005

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I’m almost shocked at how fast this sweater is coming along. I had planned a separate entry for the sleeves, but I joined sleeves to body and began the yoke before I knew what was happening. At first I wasn’t too sure about the Ice Blue, but the more I see it, the more I like its addition to the intense pink and teal. It’s a touch of prettiness.

The knitting sweater is an expression of serendipity. Each sleeve took exactly one skein of the main oatmeal color. The ribbing and bottom pattern took exactly one skein of teal. I’ve never had such luck.

May 2 2005

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This sweater is restoring my confidence in my speed knitting prowess. Just over the weekend I cast on, ribbed 2-1/2”, worked a color pattern (3 colors!) and speed knitted my way up to the underarms. I’m just a couple inches shy of putting this portion aside and working on sleeves.

Apr 30 2005

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Oh happy day when a box full of yarn arrived at my doorstep. Now I can begin a new project.

I’m calling this Icelandic style pullover “Miami Ice” because the teal and pink together make me think of the old 80s cop show Miami Vice. Remember Don Johnson in a white suit with a pink t-shirt?

The Reynolds Lopi is a thick yarn; at 3-1/2 stitches to the inch, this should knit up quickly. It feels kind of harsh, so I’m really hoping it will soften up when washed. It felts at the drop of a hat, so I’ll have to be careful when it comes to final finishing.

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