Kickin' it old school.

Posted Fri Jun 15, 2007, 14:17 PM by Tracy

Old school as in old. I celebrated my 45th birthday a couple days ago by going to kung fu class.

Laura, Carol and I played “king of the hill”. First point wins and stays in the ring, new fighter comes in.

We didn’t keep track, but I think I won more than my share of fights. I was on. I was scoring with the back fist, scoring with multiple kicks, keeping up the constant forward pressure. (We’ll just forget about that time Carol pounded me into the ground.)

Extra rule: if you went out of bounds, you had to do 5 push-ups or 10 v-ups. I never went out of bounds.

The best point I scored was against Carol. I was in a left lead. She was jinking me, putting on the pressure, just waiting for me to make a move so she could explode across the line and clock me. I gave it right back to her. When she launched at me I spun on my left foot (the ankle that isn’t still messed up) and tagged her on the ribs with a right spinning side kick. Sifu said I got a “pretty point.”

Words of wisdom from Sifu:

We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.


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Mo Duk Pai kung fu is a modern American eclectic system of martial arts, combining hard- and soft-style techniques Mo Duk Pai, which translates to “Martial Ethical Way”, was founded by Professor Frederick D. King. For more information, to see photos or inquire about training, visit the Mo Duk Pai web site, which I also maintain. I have been training since 1996 and currently hold the rank of brown-black sash.


Sifu (pr. see-foo [Cantonese] or shur-foo [Mandarin]) is a Chinese term for Teacher. It also carries the connotation of Father (teacher-father), referring to a tradition of teaching martial arts within the family, as well as being a title of respect. In America the title sifu is given to both men and women. In Mo Duk Pai the title is awarded to 2nd degree black belts at their teacher’s discretion.


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