437 days since last kung fu injury.

Posted Sat Apr 14, 2007, 15:34 PM by Tracy

Actually, I don’t know how long it’s been since I last messed myself up, but it has been awhile. I did a number on my ankle today in advanced class.

We were doing throws, starting from a relatively bad position, turned away from the opponent, with one of his arms partially wrapped around front.

I was a little unclear on the concept, not really sure how I was throwing my partner, a man who is taller than me, but probably doesn’t outweigh me by too much. And he has really cool tattoos. Every adjustment I made, he would tell me, no I’m going to land on you. That, of course, was something to be avoided.

When I finally executed the throw, I still didn’t quite avoid it. I threw him right down onto my right ankle. Crunchy.

We pulled off my shoe and sock to check the damage. It was not a happy feeling ankle. After he rubbed out my ankle for a minute or so, I laced my shoe up snug and went on with class. I looked pretty funny, dragging one leg around.

I’ll just have to keep off it for a little while. We’ve got a cane that’s a little to tall for me, but it helps.


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