Super Ultimate Inter-Galactic Champions.

Posted Sun Feb 25, 2007, 21:29 PM by Tracy

We had this in-system tournament last Saturday. Mostly it was for the kids, to give them some low pressure tournament experience. Some of the kids really got into it. A few even got called for intensity.

For the adults, it was just silly fun. We divided into three groups by height. Naturally I was in the short group. Pictures at the Mo Duk Pai website

I really didn’t want to be there. I had too much to do this weekend and didn’t want to be spending an entire day (which it didn’t turn out to be) on a tournament.

Each person in the group fought every other person. To even things out among different ranks, under belts could “take away” any one technique from a brown or brown-black belt and two techniques from a black belt.

The one fight I shouldn’t have lost was against an orange belt. He chose rear-hand punch as the technique I couldn’t score with. I was flummoxed. I didn’t realize how much I relied on my rear-hand punch to cross distance.

Still I advanced to the next and final round. The top two sparrers from each of three groups would compete in the final. We divided into two teams and fought for total points.

My team won! We are the Super Ultimate Inter-Galactic champions.


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Mo Duk Pai kung fu is a modern American eclectic system of martial arts, combining hard- and soft-style techniques Mo Duk Pai, which translates to “Martial Ethical Way”, was founded by Professor Frederick D. King. For more information, to see photos or inquire about training, visit the Mo Duk Pai web site, which I also maintain. I have been training since 1996 and currently hold the rank of brown-black sash.


Sifu (pr. see-foo [Cantonese] or shur-foo [Mandarin]) is a Chinese term for Teacher. It also carries the connotation of Father (teacher-father), referring to a tradition of teaching martial arts within the family, as well as being a title of respect. In America the title sifu is given to both men and women. In Mo Duk Pai the title is awarded to 2nd degree black belts at their teacher’s discretion.


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