Posted Sun Dec 03, 2006, 22:11 PM by Tracy

The other night in class there was myself and Kim, a brown belt, our sifus and a couple first degree black belts. We did circular and linear multiperson attacks at varying speeds.

There was much discussion as to what constituted slow and slow-medium speed.

I speed up when I’m nervous. Which is one point of the drill: to remain calm regardless. And that night I was nervous, in the company of black belts and sifus.

I watched our black belts as they handle each attacker with aplomb and felt hopelessly outclassed. It really makes me wonder how I will ever get to that skill level.

There’s nothing to do but keep at it and remember every black belt was once a white belt.

  1. I could never tell that you were nervous at camp and tests. You always made everything look easy. Of course, you were in a situation where it was all fun and nothing to lose! Just remember to hold onto that feeling.

    kungfukitten    Tue Dec 5, 06:04 PM    #


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