Pile on!

Posted Fri Nov 17, 2006, 07:16 AM by Tracy

Great training last night! It started as a normal training night and turned into Beat Up On Tracy night.

Sifu told us to grab (practice) knives and pair up, then herded us into a small square for free flow knife attacks. Step outside the square and do ten pushups.

As I’m working with Sifu he disarms me so that I am parrying empty-handed against his two knives. Next thing I know, Jason is attacking me, then Carol, Kim and Danny. Lucky for me, by this time everyone has discarded their knives.

‘Round and ‘round the inside perimeter of the square I went, moving from one attacker to the next. I kicked knees, slapped groins (you are wearing a cup, aren’t you?) poked eyes and throats, and punched chests (not the best of targets).

They started grabbing me and dragging me to the ground. I kept my cool and kept moving, gradually getting my feet under me and pulling myself up on people’s bodies. I almost pulled down Jason’s pants. Ha! Serve him right.

When Carol pulled at my arm to control me, I accelerated my body into her, knocking her off-balance. Thanks for helping me up, Carol.

Sifu did show mercy – he only told me to do five push ups each time (four times!) I stepped out of the square. But he kicked at me while I was doing them. I had to attack the attackers as I rose to my feet.

We went on for what felt like 20 minutes but was probably no longer than five, seven minutes max.

This morning after Qigong, Sifu Chris said to me, good job last night.

I just said, thank you, and beamed.

  1. He’s toughening you up for your black belt test!

    kngfukitten    Mon Nov 20, 02:53 AM    #


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