The black belt talk.

Posted Tue Oct 31, 2006, 18:21 PM by Tracy

A few weeks back we were in Seattle for a weekend of training at Seven Star Women’s Kajukenbo’s 25th anniversary celebration. As we prepared to drive back home Sunday afternoon, Sifu Chris told me I would be riding back with him.

I knew what was coming.

The Black Belt Talk.

I’m certain I’m not the first and I’m sure I won’t be the reluctant student on the path to black belt.

I braced myself for a three hour lecture about how I need to buckle down and commit to testing for black belt and soon.

The ride back was different than I imagined. I learned some of the history and background of our system, why we do some things differently than other schools might. We talked about how I’ll need to get my body into shape, to improve my recovery time.

The important message, in fact the same message Sifu has been trying to get through to me all these years, is I can do this. He believes in me. I have the skills. The resources of the school are available to help me to make it to black belt.

It’s just up to me to do it.

  1. That’s awesome and sounds so positive. I was thinking today how much I miss kung fu and how I always rubberneck when I drive by the new school on my way to work. I hope my body gets better soon. I miss it all.

    kngfukitten    Thu Nov 9, 12:33 AM    #


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Sifu (pr. see-foo [Cantonese] or shur-foo [Mandarin]) is a Chinese term for Teacher. It also carries the connotation of Father (teacher-father), referring to a tradition of teaching martial arts within the family, as well as being a title of respect. In America the title sifu is given to both men and women. In Mo Duk Pai the title is awarded to 2nd degree black belts at their teacher’s discretion.


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