Things sifus like to do to brown-black belts.

Posted Thu Oct 19, 2006, 20:42 PM by Tracy

Last weekend six of us, including our two sifus, headed north to Seattle, to join in a training weekend celebrating Seven Star Women’s Kajukenbo’s 25th anniversary. Their theme is Four Generations of Women Teaching Women.

Both sifus were teaching classes. Sifu Chris told me I would be his assistant in his Advanced Knife class. Sounds great, I’ve done plenty of various knife drills and I’m always happy to help.

Shortly before the class was to begin, Sifu called me over and said, you’ll be going up for black belt pretty soon, so I’m going to have you teach the class.

I stared at him, waiting for him to smile, slap me on the back and say, just kidding.

He didn’t smile.

He didn’t slap me on the back.

He didn’t say, just kidding.

He asked, what are you going to do?

I’m rapidly running through all the knife drills I know, figuring out how I’m going to organize a two hour class in just a few minutes.

I said I’m making a list of drills in my head.

Sifu asked, is it a long complicated list, or a short simple one.

A short one, I said.

How many people are in the class, he asked, are people going to be able to pair up?

I started counting the number of students in twos.

Sifu said it doesn’t matter, because I’ll be teaching the class. Then he smiled, slapped me on the back and said, by the way, that was a nice vein that popped out on your forehead.

  1. I would have thrown up on his shoes. ;)

    kngfukitten    Sun Oct 22, 11:41 PM    #


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