My brown-black test.

Posted Sun Apr 16, 2006, 22:13 PM by Tracy

It was brutal. It was grueling. It was over 9 hours long. It was the hardest thing I have to physically do in my life. But I passed. I now hold the rank of brown-black sash in Mo Duk Pai.

It was not the test I studied for. I had my Fighting Principles flash cards I kept reviewing. Wasn’t asked a one. I practiced my forms application breakdowns. Never had to demonstrate them.

The first thing we did was spar. That’s an eye-opener at 7 in the morning when you hardly sleep the night before. They played tricks on us to rile us: my opponents kept fighting after the center judge yelled break, kept pushing me out of the ring. It’s all to see how I would react. But my ego is not that invested in sparring – that’s just not my button to push.

I felt really good about my full-speed multi-person attacks. Every time I faced a line of attackers I had one thought in my head: hot knife through butter. I was going to go through my attackers like a hot knife through butter. Once I forgot to yell “OK!” when I was finished, and wondered why no one was getting up.

I felt really good about my presentation forms as well, although I did wobble a bit on my second go ‘round with Lim Po, my perfected form. Maybe not so perfect.

This morning I woke up sore and achy all over. My back hurt. I’ve been gobbling ibuprofen. My arms are all bruised. I’m sporting a lovely little shiner and I’ve got a black bruise above my mouth. I’m quite a sight to see. Ha! But I’ve got my brown-black sash.


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About Mo Duk Pai

Mo Duk Pai kung fu is a modern American eclectic system of martial arts, combining hard- and soft-style techniques Mo Duk Pai, which translates to “Martial Ethical Way”, was founded by Professor Frederick D. King. For more information, to see photos or inquire about training, visit the Mo Duk Pai web site, which I also maintain. I have been training since 1996 and currently hold the rank of brown-black sash.


Sifu (pr. see-foo [Cantonese] or shur-foo [Mandarin]) is a Chinese term for Teacher. It also carries the connotation of Father (teacher-father), referring to a tradition of teaching martial arts within the family, as well as being a title of respect. In America the title sifu is given to both men and women. In Mo Duk Pai the title is awarded to 2nd degree black belts at their teacher’s discretion.


Qigong (pr. chee-gung) is the practice of Chinese exercises incorporating movement and posture, breathing and visualization. Qigong exercises focus on maintaining health by energizing and balancing one’s qi, or energy.