Posted Sun Nov 13, 2005, 19:09 PM by Tracy

Everything hurts. Everything’s sore.

Last week we had our annual Mo Duk Pai symposium. I like the symposium better than our annual weekend camp because the emphasis is on learning instead of torture character building through sleep deprivation.

The symposium culminated with an all-day training session. It wasn’t all hard-core. We had a ch’i sao (“sticky hands” – similar to taiji push hands) class and a yoga class.

The last class for green and above was “how to be a good tournament judge.” When I had my turn a being the center judge I ran the ring like a tyrant. I reprimanded my fighters for standing too close and I corrected one of my corner judges on how he indicated a point.

Prof. King said that was good, but I could be a little less serious. I told him I was pretending to be Danny Anderson and he laughed and said one of him was enough.

We ended the day with a “king of the hill” sparring mini-tournament. Each round was fought to 2 points, winner stays in. In all my fights but one I scored at least one point, including against some hard-hitting hard core black belts. I got hit in the face a couple times. I took a good kick just above my right knee. I had a brown-black belt fall into and over me. I’m told it looked like I threw him, but I don’t remember, it happened so fast.

I threw a couple techniques I never throw: hook kick and ridge hand. I scored with the ridge hand against a green belt who was a lot taller than me. We were kind of tangled up, nothing landing cleanly. I knew I had a clear line of sight from at least one judge, and the ridgehand is such a visible technique. I gotta try that more often.

For one glorious round I was the “king”, having beat Laura. I had to because she said I couldn’t. Nyah nyah. I should have bet her a beer.

This morning I woke up sore all over, especially my back and shoulders. It hurt to reach around back to hook my bra. Boy it was fun!

  1. There’s nothing like that kind of fun. I miss it!

    mamazuki    Mon Nov 14, 09:57 PM    #


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