Another Sparring Saturday.

Posted Sat Nov 05, 2005, 18:07 PM by Tracy

There’s no formal class on Saturday mornings but we do have an open training session. Usually it’s just myself and Jason. We work on our own thing, work on some things together, it’s pretty mellow. Jason picks the music. He’s got a good collection of music to train to.

About 10:45 or so we haul ourselves to our sister school for sparring class. It’s a good chance to train with different people.

I’ve been trying some new things with sparring lately, trying to shake things up. Stop the opponent’s forward movement with a foot to their hip, then a side kick to the ribs was something new I tried today. I’m also working on letting my body turn so I can get better extension with my punches.

I’ve been trying more spinning kicks, too. Jason suggested I should throw more spinning heel kicks. The tricky part of spinning kicks is getting your head around so you 1) don’t get dizzy and 2) see where you’re kicking.

As I was sparring with Richard, he was charging in on me, his usual modus operandi. With him I practiced angling off and “opening the door”, turning then punching as he went past me. The only problem is Richard has a good ridge hand that I kept moving into when I angled off. So I tried one of our knife counters, angling off and kicking to his midsection as he committed to his forward technique.

I haven’t been to sparring in a long time and it felt good, though I did get pretty tired. The slight hangover from last night’s dinner out didn’t help much.


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