Collagen injection gone bad.

Posted Mon Jun 20, 2005, 15:49 PM by Tracy

That’s what my upper lip looks like after Saturday’s kung fu test. I did not test. I still got smacked hard in the mouth during a multi-person attack. All I was trying to do was help (by attacking!)

About 1/2 hour into the test Sifus said to me, “You know, since [person who was expected to test but is in Florida instead] isn’t here, there’s an opening.” I was tempted. At the beginning, at least, it seemed like a good idea. But I’ve got a sprained knee that’s only half healed and I’m still recovering from the nastiest cold ever.

I’m glad I declined. After helping with the first half of the test my knee was really sore. If I had tested I probably would have messed it up good.

We now have two new brown belts and two new brown-black belts. The fact that the people who now outrank me began training after I did should provide a little incentive for me to get off my tuchas.

  1. I agree totally.
    I wasn't the person in Florida, was I? I think I was actually in Wyoming the day of the test. Or, goodness forbid, Utah.

    Matthew Harris    Fri Jul 1, 07:41 PM    #


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