We are the champions.

Posted Sun Mar 06, 2005, 17:56 PM by Tracy

Second and third place trophies
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Saturday was a big day! A group of us from my kung fu school, of the Mo Duk Pai kung fu system, drove to Salem for Battle of Champions I, sponsored by Dave’s Tae Kwon Do. We came back with several trophies – most bringing back two or more. I got mine for Senior Under Black Belt Traditional Forms (second place) and Brown Belt Traditional Forms (third place). That last one was a gimme – only three competitors in the division. But it’s still my trophy and I’m proud of it.

I don’t know what it says about our school that we all compete in Senior (35+) division. Some of us are old enough to compete in Executive division for tournaments that have them. How about Dinosaur and Fossil divisions?

For my form I performed Limpo, which means “continuous movement.” The form is intended to demonstrate fluidity and low stances. I figure that Senior division means you can go slower and your stances don’t have to be so low. If you’re doing a weapons form, you can bring out your cane and walker.

I was pretty pleased with my performance. For one thing, I didn’t rush the form. Tournament speed doesn’t mean as fast as you can go. You just don’t want to put the judges to sleep. In a tournament or testing situation the adrenaline is so ramped up, it provides plenty of speed. I worked on getting full extension and flowing from one movement to the next while expressing intensity.

I fought in the Senior Under Black Belt Fighting division as well. There wasn’t a Brown Belt Women’s Fighting division because 1) Laura and I didn’t sign up for non-senior sparring and 2) Laura and I were the only brown belt women there. We can kick each other’s butts for free any time.

I won my first my fight which surprised and pleased me to no end. I lost my second fight to one of my schoolmates, who went on to take second place in the division. I thought I was done then, but I was called back up to fight for third place. Lost again, bummer. But at least my schoolmate got a trophy. And we all had a good time.

  1. Congrats! It sounds like you did great, I would have loved to have watched but I'm so out of the kung fu loop. I'll start training again as soon as I'm healed and uninfected. I swear.

    Kungfukitten    Sun Mar 6, 07:54 PM    #

  2. sweet! Congrats!

    cherz    Sun Mar 6, 10:58 PM    #

  3. Wow...senior is over 35? That puts me in the geezer category. Or would that be geezette? BTW, got the purple sash to match the bruises. Congrats on kicking some old wrinkled senior behinds!

    — mamazuki    Mon Mar 7, 11:07 AM    #


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