It’s just another day.

Posted Wed Dec 31, 2003, 08:35 AM by Tracy | |

Just another day on our trip around the sun, yet one invested with significance and symbolism.

This is the time of year when I like to clear clutter. I sort through my collection of glass jars amassed over the previous year. I sort through my collection of aluminum cookie containers. I sort through piles of papers and letters (what? was I supposed to have paid that bill two months ago?). What isn’t genuinely useful and needful is recycled.

I come from a family of savers. If it looks like it might potentially be useful, or at least wasn’t broken, it got saved. That was fine when we lived in a decently-sized house with full basement. But I have a tiny house and storage space is at a premium. I have to be more selective about what gets saved.

If I’m feeling ruthless, I cull my book collection. I would like to do same to E’s books, but he bristles at the very suggestion. I maintain it is not necessary to keep every 50cent used sci-fi paperback that has come into one’s hands. I tell him that when he dies I’m burning it all.

  1. Better to keep a 50c sci-fi that you liked than a 10 $ hard cover that you didn't. I back up E ;-). I see you're reading Hogfather, btw. Very seasonal. Enjoy your day.

    Irene    Thu Jan 1, 04:13 AM    #

  2. I'm totally with E on this one. You just can't mess with another person's book collection.

    rebecca    Fri Jan 2, 02:08 PM    #


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