Adventures in slush.

Posted Fri Jan 09, 2004, 16:05 PM by Tracy | |

We are not in Las Vegas. The Portland airport has been closed for three days. We rescheduled our flight for Saturday morning, fingers crossed.

After a couple days of being house bound, I finally shoveled my driveway. Actually, I only shoveled about 1/4 of it and my brother finished the job. The problem with snow removal is where to put it? Against the house where it can melt and soak the foundation? Against the neighbor’s fence? Most of it got tossed onto my garden.

Last night I drove through the slush and ice last night to pick up E from work. He’s managed to make it in every day thanks to Tri-Met. Lucky me, I work from home.

I did okay driving. I have front-wheel drive, studs all around, and I drive like an old lady.

My road is still pretty nasty and it’s on a grade. Going down is okay, but getting up can be a bitch. I made it all the way up to my driveway, but couldn’t keep my speed and negotiate the 90° turn. I spun my wheels. Eventually the car came to rest in someone’s front yard where it stayed until this afternoon.

E, my hero, dug out the slush from around my wheels until I could make it back to our driveway. Once I got my front wheels on damp asphalt, I was golden. Up into the safe dry garage.

I’ve heard we’re getting another arctic front, worse than this one, next week. Oh joy.


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