White world.

Posted Tue Jan 06, 2004, 08:14 AM by Tracy | |

Our little bit of the world is white again. People from the Midwest would probably laugh at us, cowering in our little snowstorm.

Ever since the unexpected snowfall of Jan 1, forecasters have been predicting more snow. Today. No tonight. Wait, tomorrow. It’s coming. Any moment now.

It has been cold. The past couple days I’ve had to thaw the outside cat’s water bowl and refill with warm water every few hours.

This morning the snow finally hit. We have at least 2-3 inches, I’m sure, and more coming down. I figure it started after 5AM because the morning paper was on the porch, but no footprints in driveway. Schools and other public buildings are closed. Parts of I-5 are closed due to accident. It’s so cold I’ve let the outside cat in, much to the consternation of the indoor cats. They have no compassion, the little beasts.

I am not leaving the house. Maybe if it lets up later on I’ll trudge to the market for milk.

  1. it's the first school Snow Day I've had since high school.. which was.. *cough* 1996.

    cherz    Tue Jan 6, 02:50 PM    #

  2. High School 1996? Let's try 1986. I heard there hasn't been a blizzard warning since 1990 which was two years before I moved to PDX. I'm glad the wind has stopped! I've got a snow day today as well.

    kungfukitten    Wed Jan 7, 08:57 AM    #


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